Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I'm that girl when it comes to test preparation.
Highlighters, colorful pens, flashcards and markers surround all of my desk at least two days before the big day. I've always considered myself a visual person, so highlighting the answer to a question, or drawing out have always been of great help. However, this isn't always.
With today's technology, I think it's easier for students to study. If I have to learn, for example, the bones of the human body, what I would do is make a quiz on a website. I upload a picture of the skeleton and then label it, start the timer, and match the label with the bone. I take the quiz as many times it takes me to remember and done.
If I have to study for a math test, I pull out my math notes and copy down in a blank sheet of paper some problems, and then I'll solve them on my own. Also, I go to Khan Academy and work on there for a while.
But, what I think it works for me the best is using my whiteboard and write in there some notes.

Ana from Texas
High School Senior
Immanuel Christian School