Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Many people have different way to study or review for a test. Some people use the technique for example like verbal encoding, buddy system, visual approach, and time management. Techniques that work and is great test preparation practice are time management, note-taking, and buddy system. Using these techniques and people who used this similar practices have resulted positive and high test scores back.
In today’s generation, many would say that they don’t have enough time and that they are always busy. However, one of the techniques that have shown to be the most important one is time management. Freshman to Junior year I was part of the dance competition teams, therefore always at the studio or travelling. Learning early on though is to study a week prior for one to two hours, this helps by ensuring you have the information memorized. This helps many people because by the day before or the day of the test they are not stressed and feel confident within themselves that they will pass the exam.
Another, important test preparation practice is concept of note-taking. The key about note-taking is finding a strategy that personally fits. A few strategies for note-taking are pay attention to bold words, highlight key phases or words, and index card. Using those strategies I realized that while writing the index speaking out loud, I memorized and connected the keyword/phases better. Doing these strategies are helpful because they are using the brain to recognize and memorize the information, therefore, making you confident.
Lastly, the buddy system is a technique that works best last. Many people like to use this technique for reasons like its can be competitive and fun. After all the note-taking and time management to test how well you know topic play a type of quiz game. I tend to grab a friend hand them my note cards and quiz me, whoever gets the most corrected answers loses, thus making it fun and competitive. This strategy works best last mostly for the purpose of being able study and memorize instead of being distracted.
In conclusion, test preparation practice that I use are time management, not-taking, and buddy system. Using these techniques I have received hi test score even throughout my busiest time. These techniques have help proven, study ahead of time to get better understanding, writing and saying it will make you memorization easier and seem more confident. Finally studying can be fun and to quiz yourself also. These are the techniques that have worked not only on me but with other people.

Chantel from Arizona
High School Senior
Cienega High School