Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Taking efficient and easy-to-read notes has been the most effective way for me to prepare for tests, especially large term exams. From these notes, I can create different study materials like flash cards and sketch notes. As a visual learner, including diagrams and pictures as a part of my flash cards has helped me to memorize and understand concepts thoroughly. Sketch notes, which are a special kind of notes that include diagrams and visual representations of ideas and topics, have also helped me because I am able to simplify tough concepts into drawings and key points.

Collaboration is another important part of test preparation for me. Creating and practicing with flash cards is a group activity, with multiple minds and perspectives coming together to tackle challenging concepts and problems together. Though most tests I have taken have been solo tests, having different ideas from different people has helped me look at types of problems and ideas in alternative ways, and I know I have done the same for my peers as well. Sometimes, collaborating with my peers during after school help with the teacher has been particularly helpful, as if the group is confused with something collectively, the teacher can provide insight and guide us in the right direction.

Starting with good notes, and turning those notes into effective study tools as a group of peers has helped me the most with preparing for exams and tests. Discovering a process that worked the best for me took lots of trial and error, but using the tools that I have has been instrumental in my success as a test-taker and student in the classroom.

Saranya from Massachusetts
High School Senior
Masconomet Regional High School