Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation starts with note-taking during the lecture, video, or textbook that I need to get information from. After I have my Cornell style notes, I like to find an efficient way to study them whenever I have the chance. The solution I have found is note cards. I take the questions I have created on my notes and transfer them onto note cards. Depending on the subject, these may be useful in different ways. In a math class, I may copy down a problem to solve. When studying, I will rewrite the problem on a sheet of paper and work it out. The answer will be on the back of the notecard for me to check. In a class that has a lot of writing, I may give myself an open-ended prompt on the notecard. To study, I will write my answer on another piece of paper. On the back of the notecard, I will write a few key points that I need to be sure to cover in my response. In a heavily memorization based class, like a history class, I will write simple questions about the material. On the back of the notecard will be the answer. I can flip through these types of cards quickly to see what subjects I still need to review. All of the different uses for note cards make them a very flexible study resource. They create a quick, reusable study tool that I have found invaluable in my test preparations. The act of making the cards is also yet another review of the information I’m trying to learn. Moreover, the entire process of making and using note cards has helped me to prepare for numerous tests.

Rebekah from North Carolina
High School Senior
South Lenoir High School