Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

After 12 years of schooling I’ve developed my own personal ways of studying that works best for me. I’ve tried multiple different strategies over the years, but the most helpful test preparation practice has been studying in a group or with a partner. I’ve found this to be extremely beneficial, especially when you have similar classes. Studying with another student is really good for partner work. This way, you always have someone to help quiz you on subjects and hold you accountable.
Today there are so many platforms out there that make it really easy to attain information and help review before those big test days. One platform I’ve found extremely useful is Youtube. There are plenty of professors and qualified instructors offering video lessons online for free. This is a quick and sometimes entertaining way to review the material from a different perspective before the test.
Personally, just scanning over my notes doesn’t help me retain much information. For me, actually going in and writing down practice problems or key topics helps me remember the information a lot better. This is especially useful for math. Many times I will sit down and write out practice problem after practice problem. This is because it gets you used to seeing all the different scenarios and also by writing down key topics in your notes, which helps you retain the information a lot longer. When you write things down, you’re more likely to remember because you have it physically written. This way you’re seeing the information twice.

Sierrah from Nevada
High School Senior
Palo Verde High School