Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

High school can be incredibly stressful for students due to the, oftentimes, heavy loads of classwork, homework, and upcoming tests. Many students are also involved in extracurriculars and sports. This can sometimes lead students to get behind on their work, which can lead to failing grades on quizzes and tests. There are, however, many ways to maintain great grades and excel in school.
Perhaps the most beneficial thing for a student to do is to keep track of their upcoming week. Whether this is with a planner or a cell phone, keeping an updated schedule of one’s upcoming week can help students prepare for any homework, tests, or projects that may be due. With a schedule, a student will be able to manage their study time and get work done without any procrastination or last-minute efforts. With specific time that has been allotted for studying, students will be able to focus and get their work done. I can personally attest to this method. By simply using a calendar app on my phone, I am able to keep track of certain assignments, due dates, and any upcoming tests.
Although these are not always a student’s favorite tasks, turning in completed homework and paying attention during lectures is definitely helpful as well. When a student understands the material or concepts that are being taught, they are more likely to succeed on a quiz or test. This is especially helpful when studying, as the student is not learning any new material, but is only reviewing what they have already been taught.
Lastly, I have two methods of studying that have helped me attain great grades on quizzes and tests in all of my classes. The first is flashcards. Being able to quiz myself on certain questions that I may be struggling with helps me further understand the material and nature of the question. The second method that works for my study habits is highlighting. Whenever I highlight the main ideas of a topic or discussion, it helps me retain information and organize that information mentally. Overall, study habits differ from person to person. When a student can discover what methods work best for themselves, they are able to further excel in their studies.

Nicola from Texas
High School Senior
StoneGate Christian Academy