Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation continues to be daunting for many students, myself included. Throughout the duration of my academic career, I have developed a few methods to facilitate the daunting process, which I am happy to explicate below.

The first and most important practice that I have developed regarding test preparation is relaxation. Exams are very stressful, and much studying must be done, however nobody is able to study effectively with a mind that is full of anxiety. Therefore, the most important practice that I have developed is to find an outlet to calm down during the study period. For me, things that have helped have been reading a novel, playing tennis, and drinking a cup of tea. As insignificant as they sound, having a relaxed mind can do wonders for your world.

The next practice that I have developed regarding test preparation is time management and study division. What I mean by this is instead of sitting down for three 14 hour-study sessions, I break them into 42 one-hour sessions over the course of a week or so to make the load more manageable and more doable. I allow myself relaxation time in between to refresh and come back even more mentally sharp. Furthermore, I effectively manage my time in order to tackle one small task at a time, such as a chapter, instead of trying to digest the entirety of a course over a few days. I have found this method extremely helpful for me, and tools such as flashcards, online quizzes, and case studies help increase study productivity during these hour sessions.

During the tail end of the study process, another one of my most effective study methods is to take on the role of the teacher. That is, after I have completed the bulk of the studying, I attempt to teach that to someone, whether my parents, or even myself. Putting all of the pieces together, I have created an effective study method that starts with relaxation, continues with manageable pieces, and ends with taking the role of a teacher. Thank you!

Samuel from Colorado
College Junior
Colorado State University Global