Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

A really good trick I use to help me study for any upcoming tests or quizzes is making my own study guide through repetitiveness. Something that works for me in my brain is seeing something over and over rather than going through it a couple of times and trying to make it stick. While studying the terms I like to come up with things that are related to it that help me remind myself of the word I am trying to remember. For example I will see that the term I'm studying is related to "Texas Tech" and I will remember that the definition of the term has some sort of reference or hint to the double "T" or something about college that helps remind myself of the word. I will also make up sentences that go along with the term rather than the definition. Another example could be this, I am an Apparel Design and Manufacturing major at Texas Tech, and say that in my Textiles class we need to remember if we can wash the fabric shantung. The definition calls for a dry cleaning no longer than 5 minutes, the dye bleeds so keep the temperature low, and to not dry clean in the same load as heavier fabrics. To remember this I would say the "s" in shantung reminds me of a number 5 and we can't dry clean it for more than 5 minutes. Shantung is a fabric commonly used to make wedding and prom dresses so I could remember that shantung is an odd name for a fabric and recall that there are a lot of "odd" dresses that are made in the fashion industry, then remember that no one wants their dress' dye to bleed or fray so I could recall that I wouldn't want my big day to all fall on dye bleeding because someone dry cleaned it on a temperature that is too high. The way I would remember not to dry clean it with heavier products would be that the second syllable of shantung sounds like "lung" and your lungs wouldn't want a "heavy" weight on them or they will mess up. Although these sound like uncommon or silly ways to go about preparing for test, they oddly enough work for me.

Kiera from Texas
College Sophomore
Texas Tech University