Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a worrier. I worried about when my next soccer practice was, when my grandma would pick me up from Junior Lifeguards, and most of all, about school. Naturally, I have always been able to use my intelligence to succeed in school. Instead of cramming my studies like some of my peers, I would simply skim the information the night before and would manage to do well on the test. These study habits, or lack of, failed me in my first week of high school. I distinctly remember nervously walking into my honors english class to take my first test, but my study habits had never failed me, so why would that change now? Boy, was I wrong. Once my poor grade was uploaded to the grade book; I began worrying. Thoughts of doubt, insecurity, and fear that I would never amount to what I aspired to be in high school surfaced. One night, as I was clicking through YouTube, an inspiration struck. A video populated detailing how to build good study habits. This would ultimately change my life. What I needed was structure, as the video recommended. I began scheduling my day and explicitly carving time for specific tasks and activities. Psychologically, I became more in tune with each day. I felt accomplished by studying during my allocated study periods. I have also found that I do not retain information as well when I study for extended periods of time. I began looking into the Pomodoro method and it resonated with me. It finally made sense as to why I struggled to sit still for hours after arriving home from school. Once I adopted these two habits, my overall life completely changed. I was no longer terrified of the test at hand, but instead, felt confident and prepared as I had finally mastered and could easily recall information. I will forever be grateful for my failures along the way as they shaped my lifestyle and study habits that best suit me, which has resulted in being a potential valedictorian or salutatorian candidate.

Isabella from California
High School Senior
St. Anthony High School