Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone gets anxious when they hear the word “test”. How can a piece of paper with words written on it be so vital for your success in life. It is so Important to take a written test or any kind of test seriously. To master the art of test taking you have to prepare for it mentally and physically. It’s all about repetition and making your mind expand to grasp everything in. Everyone has different ideas on how to approach or prepare for a big test.

There are many ways someone could approach it , like procrastination. Some of the biggest procrastinators are the most smartest people around you. I cannot procrastinate, I like for everything to be a process; and this process goes in this order. They day that your instructor gives you the date for the test , that’s the day the preparation begins. I was involved in sports while I was in high school , so we had this study hall after school for the members on the team. During that time I would review my work that I had done in that class.

Before looking at my notes, I would make sure I ate something prior because it’s all about having the energy. You don’t expect to go out and play basketball on a empty stomach, so why should you try and study on an empty stomach. After I eat I would review my work for the whole time we are in there and luckily my coach was very smart, I could always ask him for help when I needed it. After study hall, the next time I had a chance to study was when I would get home from practice. I would get home around 7pm, and the I would start studying around 9pm. I would continue studying until around 10pm.

Almost every single day after I would learn something new about the subject, things the instructor wouldn’t even mention in class. Preparing for a test is not easy, you could lose focus during the process and not have the energy to continue. I cannot prepare for a test by myself. I have to have my coaches, peers, and instructors guiding me through, making sure my head is in the right place.

Antrone from Georgia
College Freshman
Clayton State University