Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparations would be doing things like posted note, playing matching games with words and pictures, and taking practice test online. When making flash cards, I would write all the words on a posted note, and the definitions on a different posted note. After writing all the words and there definitions, I would play a matching game with them, until i get all of the terms right with any errors. I also find practice test online, or make up my own and take them. Things I use for this are the questions at the back of my text book for each chapter and randomly organize them into a test and take the test until I get a 100 on it. Since I am a biology major, I also draw or print pictures of different organs, cells, organ systems in the body and post them on my room wall. This helps me to look at them every night before I go to sleep and make connections between things like the spine and nerve cells in the body. So practice test, matching games with posted notes, and hanging pictures on my wall and making connections between them all is what I do to prepare me for things like quizzes, and exams. I am a biology major, and these methods have led me to making sense of what can be a lot of information to remember. Continuing to use this method, Hopefully will allow me become a doctor in the future and help me with my passion of finding cure for diseases and cancers.

Terrance from Texas
College Freshman
Stephen F Austin State University