Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Going to school for 8 hours a day, dancing 20 plus hours a week, and working is a lot to handle. I still strive to receive the best grades and work really hard. With my busy schedule, I always make sure I leave block times to study. Either at school during lunch, dance breaks, or on the way to places. It is not ideal but it pushes me to be stronger and more focused on my studies. Since I am usually around other people when I study I try to use that to my advantage.
I first re-read my notes, make sure there is nothing I missed, and have all the correct information. After especially for math or science, I re-work problems from class to refresh my brain. This helps me make sure I remember everything from the beginning of the unit to the end of the unit. Then, I ask my friend if I can explain to them what I learn in that class. This makes it feel like a conversation and helps me make sure I completely understand the concept. If I have a brain fart or hiccup I know I need to go back and review that part. Talking to someone about what you learn is the best way to study. You are not only saying it aloud but you hearing what you say which helps stick to the brain better. This method does not work for everyone but certainly works for me because I have a 4.9 GPA and still able to do extracurricular activities.

Ashley from Arizona
High School Senior
Cienega High School