Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am preparing for a test I usually read over my notes and/or look at the important parts of information in my textbook. After reviewing what I have been learning, I go to sites such as Quizlet to test myself on what I know. This method usually works best for me. I believe that this method works best for me because it gives me a mix of two things you need to do to study adequately. It allows me to review what I have been learning and then after that I get to test myself to see what all I know or remember. If after I review and I still don't completely understand something while I am testing myself, then I know that I need to review that more. My method essentially gives me a chance to see what I do and don't know before the test, so then I could focus more on the topics that I don't fully understand and not the ones that I do.

Devin from Illinois
High School Senior
Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep