Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Like the typical modern student, I have a short attention span and...

Oh sorry, I must’ve gotten sidetracked again! Where was I? Ah yes, modern technology has helped us more than anyone could ever imagine, we have an entire world of knowledge at our fingertips. Instead of going to the library and sifting through books, we can now simply type “do llama’s have milk” into google and instantly know that yes, they do. However, what is a blessing to society is also a curse. Students now have an average attention span of 10-15 minutes, this means any study tool the average student uses needs to be engaging and quick. I’m no different as I was raised with the same technology so I prefer a mix of flashcards and YouTube videos. With flashcards I can quickly flip through and build my knowledge really fast while getting instantaneous results, we are in a world of instantaneous satisfaction after all. Whether it’s writing flashcards or typing answers on a website, they’ve singlehandedly gotten me through foreign language classes and helped me memorize the Amendments.

My second strategy is YouTube videos, but they have to be the right ones you see. If they’re not engaging enough I decide I need to multitask and I “listen” to it while doing ANYTHING else (it obviously never works). However, when I find the perfect person who talks as fast as I do and shows diagrams and pictures I’m hooked. This world of technology helps me immediately find someone to explain topics to me until they click. Plus as an added bonus I can rewind as much as I need! It’s tricky for a student to navigate how to study without mindlessly zoning out, but I love my strategies and I’m hoping they continue helping me through college.

Lauren from Georgia
High School Senior
George Walton Academy