Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I happen to be getting a degree in science and I have figured out that the best way for me to prepare for a test is to practice the math until I know it. I will do this a variety of different ways. Using the questions in the textbook is a good way to do this because in the back it will often give you the answer to check and see if you got it right. If you did not you can reverse engineer why that happened and learn how to solve it correctly the next time. The second way that I use is through studying with my friends. I am lucky to have several friends who have already gone though the classes that I will be going through so they can help me along. The final way that I like to study for tests is by using YouTube. While YouTube is typically seen as a place for distractions there are actually many tutors on YouTube who will make detailed videos on how to solve a specific type of problem and will give extra problems for a person to solve as well with the answers. I like to use this when I have to be retaught how to solve that type of problem.

Amanda from California
College Freshman
University of Arizona