Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I remember my first time cracking open the PSAT test booklet. I was a young sophomore unaware of what I had signed myself for. The proctor told us all when to begin and just like that the testing marathon had started. Standardized tests have always been one of my weaknesses and when I received my score back in the winter, I can tell you that I was completely devastated, Then came the journey to prepare for this marathon. In order to prepare, I first started by analyzing my mistakes. I tried to search for a pattern in the mistakes I made for each section. After finding out the pattern, I began to focus on these errors more by taking multiple practice tests that focused on my weaknesses. Another strategy that I used was knowing the test format. Standardized tests usually follow the same pattern for every test and by knowing the pattern, you will feel more confident with what you are taking because you know everything about the format. For the grammar and math sections, I prepared by knowing the rules. The rules are like formulas and if you know them, then the test becomes a lot easier. I always practiced on Khan Academy and took advantage of the free resources they provide students. Take practice tests weekly and analyze all the mistakes you are making, Knowing the formulas and rules are crucial to do good on the grammar and math sections. In order to boost my reading score, I began to read more books and ask myself what I was reading so I could test myself for comprehension. Reading was important to me since it helped me complete the text a lot quicker during the standardized tests. The SAT is a marathon and in order to do well on it, it is important that you practice the track multiple times. Do not give up and keep pushing in order to achieve the highest score at the marathon!

Nushrat from California
High School Senior
Alhambra High School