Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Taking a test can be a stressful time for a high school student or more a college student. Long hours of cramming and days before studying hours upon hours for a test that can make or break your grade. However, with the ability to study weeks before the test and instead of cramming and hurrying to study for a test and hopefully make a good grade instead of doing little bits of the work at a time and not cram. I will talk about how I study for a test and my test study tactics. First off, do not wait until the last minute to study. Study weeks prior for an hour every day so that the material that you learned in class that day is fresh and new in your brain. Secondly, while studying weeks in advanced as you go start creating your own study guide and make notes of key terms that the teacher or professor continuously goes over and makes many references back to as well take the PowerPoints or homework just as serious as a test and study like you would for a test for homework because, when going into the test it will be just like a homework assignment than a test and the stress level will be lowered as well. Lastly, days prior to the test make your study guide and study for an hour a day and if taken the steps before and studying an hour a day for the test this material will be second nature for you and that hour of review time might take thirty minutes because, you know it and as well get sleep before the test and try not to stress about the test. Get to bed at a decent time and if it helps do a quick run through on the way to class to make sure you are as prepared as you can get and there will be no mistakes in your test. Wrapping up is that the fact that if you study weeks prior than rather days before you will retain the information better and the stress level will be reduced and it will not be as hard to remember the information than if you just studied the night before and hoped to ace the test. I hope that my test preparation information can help someone who does no

Kale from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Marlow High School