Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I studied for the TEAS test, I used Mometrix “ATI Teas Secrets Study Guide,” which helped me organize each lesson daily. I had a calendar where it would state what specific subject I am going to review that day. For example, Monday I am going to review the cardiovascular system and when I do study I give myself a star sticker. Not only is the star sticker rewarding, it is also very satisfying to see my calendar accumulate with stars which motivates me to continue to study. When I studied the science section, I would draw every organ system, review notes, and watch crash course videos. The hardest part of science was Physiology since I did not take that class yet. However, I watched multiple youtube videos on the hormones and made a chart. For math, I reviewed the concepts in the Mometrix study guide and watched their tutorials which was useful in breaking down the content. I also found practice problems at Khan Academy. In english, I did grammar problems and reread each sentence with the proper grammar so it would memorize it. I studied reading, by doing Mometrix readings test and ipractice paragraphs online.
In addition to scheduling days to review, I also schedule weekly practice tests on Fridays. Practice tests are essential since it shows my strengths and weaknesses. This will help me focus on my weak points more. In addition, practice tests introduce new material I need to know and it estimates the time I spend on each section. In order, for nothing to interfere with my strict study schedule I had to turn down many social events. However, the cost benefits where I trade in social time for study time was worth it.
For me I like a quiet place to study with minimal distractions. While I was studying for the TEAS, my sister studied her ACT so we would encourage each other. We would sit across from each other with our timers to do our practice tests. Though it is crucial to study, it is also important for me to take a break to avoid burning out.

Bibi from California
College Sophomore
San Francisco State University