Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practices involve multiple steps that have helped me a lot in improving many test scores. Just to give some background, the first time I took the SAT I scored a 1310. After following these practices, I was able to improve my test score to a 1540 in a two month span. I also used these techniques in multiple AP exams which I was able to get 4s and 5s on following this technique. So the first step of this process is taking two practice tests on whatever subject your studying and scoring these practice tests. Try using tests that truly mock the actual exam. Always check what you got wrong and write them down on a notebook paper. Then, read through the material tested on the exam you are taking. This is usually published by the test makers. Try to find a review book or textbook that includes the tested topics. Read through that book while making flashcards of every concept you stumble upon. This is very important as active reading is a critical part of this process. The reason that I told you to do the practice tests first is that it makes you very attentive to nuances in your book that are going to be tested. It also gives you an owl eye when spotting concepts that you never really understood. Then do a third practice test. For every question you get wrong, categorize why you missed it: whether it was a careless mistake or a gap in understanding. Then reread this concept in your book and make sure that the flashcard you made included all the concepts that might be tested. Then study all your flashcards again and go back to whichever flashcard that feels incomprehensible and find another resource to cover the concept more comprehensively. Then take another practice exam. Find all the mistakes that you made. Then review them in your flashcards, making sure that they include the concept that you missed. Keep on taking practice tests while reviewing what you miss till the day before your exam. The day before your exam make sure to relax.

George from Texas
High School Senior
Allen High School