Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The method I employ to study for an upcoming test depends entirely upon the subject matter of the test. I am a student at the University of Georgia pursuing a BBA in Economics as well as a MS in Business Analytics, so I have had to take many different types of tests in college. I classify tests into three genres: mathematics based tests, vocabulary based tests, and hybrid tests of both math and vocabulary.

Math comes very naturally to me, so I tend to enjoy mathematics based tests. I have certainly taken my fair share of them in my courses such as linear algebra, mathematical statistics, and PhD level Macroeconomics.
Throughout all of these courses, my method of preparation was simple. In order to ensure that I seamlessly solve a problem on the test I must accomplish it several times for practice. I methodically work through any and all practice problems available several times in order to get them down completely.

Vocabulary based tests are not my strong-suit. However, over the course of my academic career I have adjusted my preparation to make up for my weakness and excel. My most successful strategy is to study terms while engaging in physical activity. For example, while studying for my marketing and management classes I would go for a walk or dribble a basketball while listening to the terms and definitions through my earphones using an app on my phone. I started these routines after learning from the New York Times that it could help to retain information.

The hybrid tests have come largely in the form of standardized tests. In order to be accepted into the University of Georgia it was necessary for me to take the SAT. To prepare for it I used my methods for both math and vocabulary that I listed above and scored a 2270 which was in the 99th percentile. Then to get into Graduate School at the University of Georgia I used similar preparation to score a 330 which landed me in the 98th percentile.

Alexander from Georgia
College Junior
University of Georgia