Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a nursing major at Rivier University and studying and exam prep is the most important part of being a nursing major. I just finished my first year of nursing school with the best exam grades I have ever received before. Test and exam used to be the worst part of high school for me before I enrolled in college. Exams are one of my strong suites now. I spend a lot more time preparing and teaching myself how to study throughout the first year. I do not do a ton for studying but it is very efficient for me and helps me succeed. The one class I focused on the most and the only class I had exams in was my Anatomy and Physiology I and II. My studying methods would not work for everyone because very few teachers record their lectures for you, however, a student could record the lecture themselves to study. The first thing I do to study is to print out whatever PowerPoint we are going over in that specific class. I do not write out the PowerPoint during class because I feel as though it takes away from what she is saying and explaining. I will take a few notes or write down what she says during the lecture. To study more for each chapter, I watch each lecture over once or twice more when I am at home. After I watch the lectures again, I go back, and I rewrite the power points and every slide in a notebook that is specific for that class. I will repeat this step for every lecture and/or PowerPoint. Right before an exam, I read through my notes I rewrote. This is a very effective studying method for me though it might not seem like much. I am a 60% auditory learner and having teacher record their lectures is the most beneficial thing for studying.

Hayli from New Hampshire
College Sophomore
Rivier University