Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to succeed academically, one must be familiar with how they learn and how to most accurately implement their habits into their learning. I think I have a good system that matches my way of thinking and processing information.
First, I might divide the material into sections to make it easier to tackle, determining the importance of each section, or concept, to the material. Then, I might take practice quizzes and tests for each of the concepts. By doing this, I can gain an understanding of what I know, sort of know, and don't know. From there, I could solidify as many concepts as possible, starting from the concepts I am less familiar with.
By tackling the unknown first, I can allow myself to continue learning without any doubts or questions about the crucial information. It is always best to work from the ground up, to make a foundation for what you will learn in the future.
I find that most of the time, starting is the most difficult part of studying. A method, (this works wonders for motivation), is an incentive. If one lacks the drive to understand and learn, how will they succeed? Determine how much success matters to you, know your goals, and set an incentive. The incentive can be anything from food to a TV show, something rewarding enough to motivate you to start. Then, use that motivation to begin on your task.

Eleanor from Indiana
High School Senior
Reitz Memorial High School