Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Memory can be generally defined as the persistence of learning overtime through the storage and retrieval of information. Memory plays a huge role in one's ability to take a test, recite a poem, and comprehend language. Personally, I use studying methods that target my brain's ability to recognize previously stored information. My study routine begins with relearning information that I was already taught in the classroom. This encodes the memory of that information into my brain so that it can be more easily retrieved a later time. I then proceed to writing or typing the information that I am studying onto flashcards. I organize my flash cards into groups that are manageable and then I color code each group based on its meaning. Since I am a very visual learner, colors are especially stimulating for my brain and help me to better categorize the information that I am working with. When I am taking a test and see a word on paper, I often visualize the color flashcard that I learned it on which helps me to recognize the word’s meaning. After making all of my flash cards, I begin using them to quiz myself. Repeating information is vital to the encoding process and, thus, makes the retrieval process that much easier. Since cramming information into my mind in one day has proved to be unsuccessful in the past, I use my flash cards over and over again for several days in order to target both my short-term and long-term memory. My study methods are time consuming and require effort, but they target the workings of my memory and have yielded success throughout my academic career.

Sophia from New Hampshire
High School Senior
Hollis-Brookline High School