Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Growing up in school I dreaded test times as I knew I was not the best test taker. It has always been a struggle for me to prepare for test as I deal with poor focus issues when trying to memorize my class material. This lack of focus tends to leave me unprepared for the test and ultimately causing my test anxiety while I am taking the test. These are very common issues that many of my fellow peers have also struggled with being in college. I tried many ways to study for tests. My parents spent thousands of dollars on tutors in hopes to see improvement on my scores, but I quickly realized that didn't show much progression. I attempted to go to my professors after office hours to better understand the materials, yet nothing would click. I tried reading the textbooks, drawling pictures and even making up songs about the course materials, but still nothing was working. After months of failing tests, I lost all motivation for school. "Nothing is helping so what is the point" I would tell myself every time I turned my computer off for the night. One semester I had a professor who worked a lot with me and wanted to see me succeed in her class. She would make me practice tests before taking the actual test. This was the first test preparation that I had felt confident in. After taking the practice test, I went into the same professors class the next week and passed their exam. Practice tests were something that I never thought of trying before, but it clearly worked for me. It was a way for me to study the material and also take a test which helped relieve some of my test anxiety before the real one. Sometimes the best test preparation is having that professor who takes the time to see that something is wrong and wants to help just like my professor did for me. I will forever be grateful that she took the time to see I had the potential, but needed a little guidance to get there.

Kaitlin from North Carolina
College Sophomore
Appalachian State University