Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

beginning of my college years, I found was very difficult to study using old tradition methods such writing, color pencil, and flashcards. During my college progress I discovered new techniques that allow me to maximize my time and budget. Using technology I type my notes 100% free paper, only when there is a picture to draw that might help. I type all the important details the professor talks about not included in lecture slides. If they are in lecture slides, I write bullet points. Try to write down exactly how the professor phrases the topics. Once having those notes, use them to study for exam and use the book only to clarify a subject or to further enforce the accuracy. Highlight things in the notes that didn't make sense when explained and read in book. Type in red the clues that might indicate it will be in the test. Read notes over, and over, and practice taking an exam you make up of your own using the notes. Get together with other classmates and asked each other questions regarding the notes. Study the notes each day as if you have a test tomorrow and do not spend too much time over topics you have already understand. Instead, focus on the topics you occasionally forget, or have doubt if it is correct. Rest plenty the day of the test, have a good meal, walk around at least 30 minutes before the test to provide with proper oxygen and to help calm yourself. Do not cram minutes before the test, instead walk or talk to friend but avoid trying to get too distracted. These simple tips have helped me getting over 100% on exams and also helped me saved lots of money on not buying books. this may also help in lab exams by typing everything was said in the lab, no matter if lab is 3 hour long. Good luck.

Carlos from New York
College Sophomore
D'Youville College