Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Many students often wait until a day or two before their exam to begin their study process. However, test preparation begins the moment after the material has been presented to you. It is important to give yourself ample time to review material before taking the test. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare soon after you have learned the content. As a biology major, I have learned that most of the material is not just basic memorization. The things that may have worked as study techniques in high school may not apply to your college-level tests. In fact, study techniques often differ depending on the type of test and the content of the class. However, the study method that benefits me most often is making a personal practice test with review questions. Generally, I create this test within a week after the lecture and base the questions on my notes as well as supplemental instructional materials. After making the practice test, I set it aside until a week before the exam. The next step in my study process is to make review flash cards with key words and concepts. I intentionally ensure that I hand write each set of flash cards. Creating the flash cards by hand reinforces the material by engaging more senses and stimulating many areas of the brain. These flash cards allow for quick daily review of the most pertinent material. Implementing these practices has resulted in improved test and quiz scores throughout my college journey. Although this step-by-step process is time consuming, the benefits outweigh the time requirements.

Brianna from South Carolina
College Freshman
University of South Carolina Upstate