Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test is a mental game, and confidence is key. In order to be in a confident and well arranged mindset on the day of a test requires preparation, and in my opinion, enriched repetition. Enriched repetition isn't just studying the same terms over and over again in order to memorize them, it’s repeating the terms and their definitions with the intention to remember the term, it’s context, and the meaning behind the simple things you’re trying to memorize. Too often students memorize terms or equations for a test without ever actually learning, this negates the entire purpose of studying as the majority of people don’t retain any of the information. However, when studying the actual context and information behind what may seem like a simple term allows for a more cohesive understanding of the material and leaves you better prepared for future tests. Not only does this study method leave you better prepared for the next test but makes it easier to memorize terms as you have more information to draw upon, but it also makes studying more interesting. Studying can often be boring if all you’re doing is reading the same twenty words over and over again, but by tossing information and context into your memorization technique, it suddenly becomes more interesting and engaging. Another test preparation practice I use is color coding, which is rather simple but very effective. Grouping related categories of information and then clarifying those groupings by color coding them not only keeps you organized and saves you time when studying, but keeps similar information close to one another in your memory so you have a deeper arsenal of information to draw from when taking a test. Utilizing enriched repetition and color coding in my test preparation practices has greatly improved my retention of information and boosted my performance on tests all throughout high school.

Hayden from Colorado
High School Senior
Denver East High School