Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My greatest test preparation varies for what I am studying. When it's information based I'm a classic flashcard user. Writing things down helps me retain the information more and looking at a screen for a long time starts to hurt my eyes and has proven to be distracting. Flashcards give me this weird sense of confidence when it comes to test. My system is to go through them once and make 2 piles, a pile I got right and a pile I got wrong. Then I go through my wrong pile and split that into 2 piles again and again until I have gotten them all right at least once. After that I mix them all together and go through them again. I also love them because flash cards are really small, so I can carry them anywhere with me and pull them out easily. I mean you could honestly keep them in your pocket. I go through them throughout the day a couple of times. And after I keep getting them all right, it helps me feel accomplished and ready for my test, part of doing good on a test comes from confidence and the mentality that you will pass. I am an engineering student though, so most of my classes are very math based. What I like to do for my math classes is go through homework problems over and over again. I just keep doing problems until I feel I truly understand the process. I'll also go online and look up some practice tests for the material I'm studying to practice problems that aren't in my text book. Finally because math sometimes can be complicated and people can solve things an infinite amount of ways, I like to look up videos on YouTube to see how other students and professor like to teach a topic. It's extremely help in understanding a math process by seeing all the different ways someone can do one problem.

Rachel from New Jersey
College Junior