Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way to prepare for a test is competition! I've found that this is a super effective means to retain information because, especially as a competitive person myself, it triggers the "reward" center n my brain which makes me more motivated to learn information than I might have been otherwise. Competition also allows for multiple people to work together to get something done. Doing something that may otherwise be considered boring or unpleasant in some other way with others usually eases that sense of unpleasantness. In addition, studying with friends allows for there to be more of an atmosphere of encouragement, motivation, and for me to learn from others. Games like subject specific Jeopardy, fast-paced trivia, and spelling bees are some of my favorites,
Another method of test preparation that I think is great are tried-and-true flashcards! While some might consider flashcards a less than creative form of test preparation because of their commonality, well, they are common for a reason! Flashcards allow you to practice memorizing customized and concise facts that are easier to remember than pages and ages of notes. It helps me even more if I hand write the cards rather than typing and printing them or using an online source such as Quizlet, because me handwriting the information somehow gives my brain a more intimate interaction with the information I am studying.
Lastly, music is my best friend. For almost any kind of studying, music not only helps me to keep focused on the task at hand, but also helps to keep my mood up as I'm studying and to not get quite so frustrated as I sometimes do. My exception for using music to study is for when I am actively reading something, like when I have to read a novel or an article for class. However, when I'm doing something like math, art, or just reviewing information, music helps drown out distractions.
If I still feel like I need a more in depth explanation, then I can just visit to John Green's Crash Course!

Dasia from Rhode Island
High School Senior
Charles E. Shea High School