Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Unfortunately, I have never been a student who needs to study to get an A. Some may see this as a blessing, but as I have grown throughout my years in the education system, I’ve learned that my poor study skills will never allow me to reach my full potential. I grew up in a private school with small class sizes, easily accessible teachers, and where most everyone valued their education. My early education experiences led me on a path where I could just listen in class, do the bare minimum, and regurgitate material to do well on a test. When I transferred to public school my junior year, I quickly learned that my poor study skills worked less to my advantage in this new environment; Teachers weren’t as accessible, large class sizes made many distractions, and not everyone wanted to learn. Because of this change of environments, I received exactly what I needed: A chance to finally develop my test preparation skills.
Learning to make the most of my time during the school hours was a game changer. Planning specific times to sit down and study during lunch/free periods put me in a mindset to more effectively go over concepts that I was unsure about. Preparing for tests at school allowed me to ask for help directly from my classmates/teachers who knew the concepts that I was uncertain about. Another developed test preparation skill was creating outlines before a test. I retain information most effectively when I write it down pen to paper; Before tests, I write down concepts I need to remember and study that paper throughout the day. Walking through the halls the day of an AP Statistics test? I’d be studying that outline like it was my phone. The benefits of learning to plan specific times to study and creating my own test materials continues to work with my personal schedule, enabling me to further advance in my education. Learning to acknowledge the fact that I can always do more to understand test materials is one of the best test preparation skills I have gained.

Fiona from Georgia
High School Senior
Pope High School