Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In middle school, I didn’t really have to study for tests, so it was a big shock when I got to high school and that was no longer the case. It was a process of trial and error until I was able to find my rhythm and find what worked best for me. This was most noticeable in my history classes. My test preparation for history classes started with reviewing all of the vocabulary terms that I needed to know for the test. After revisiting those, I would read through the notes I took during class and the teacher’s notes if they were posted online. Then, I would make a cheat sheet review guide, as if I could use it on the test. Usually after that, I would use my friend’s Quizlet and review what he thought was important to know. If I had any final questions, I would make sure to review them with my teacher. I would usually start this process as soon as my teacher announced that there was an upcoming test, and the night before the test, I would take one final look at the vocabulary terms and my cheat sheet. I followed very similar processes for the rest of my academic classes, with math being the only exception. For my math classes, I would first read through my notes packets and highlight any questions that I was still struggling with. Then, I would go to my teacher and ask him or her to explain those questions to me. After that, I would complete the test review packet, if I was given one, to ensure that I understood those questions. In most cases, that was enough studying for me, but in units where I struggled, I would take advantage of any other practice problems that my teacher made available to me. These processes worked well for me because they were logical; they were nothing crazy or extremely time consuming, just simply reviewing all the materials I already had in my possession. I stuck with these test preparation practices, modifying them when necessary, and they worked exceptionally well for me and boosted my confidence going into a testing situation.

Cristin from Virginia
High School Senior
Loudoun County High School