Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whether preparing for an exam with content over the whole semester or just studying for a small quiz you have the next day, test preparation goes a long way in defining your academic career. Although there are several techniques that help you learn material quickly and efficiently, I will focus today on some techniques that I use which start weeks before the actual test or quiz. By mastering these steps that I use to study, you will definitely improve your overall grade-point average over the next semesters.

First, a great way to start off your test preparation is to make sure you are taking detailed notes of your class. This is crucial to studying for quizzes, tests, or exams. By making detailed notes, you are setting yourself up for a great chance at getting an A. Important things to note when taking your notes is that you want to understand what the teacher is saying. Once you understand what the teacher is trying to communicate, you take the concept and write it down in your own words. This helps you learn the information in your own words, and makes the information easier to remember when you come back to study it later.

Another way to improve your test score is by taking advantage of flashcards. By writing out terms and definitions on flashcards, you can easily memorize them. Whether using online flashcards or handwritten flashcards, this technique definitely improves your memorization skills and can help you improve your score on the day of the test. If there is a certain concept that you cannot grasp even after hours of study, you can always go to your teacher to ask if they can help you understand it fully.

After applying these techniques to your pre-test studying routine, you can easily improve your score for the better over the course of the next school year. By improving your individual test scores, you are also improving your GPA, which can help you get into more specialized universities which can help you get a better job that you enjoy.

Solomon from West Virginia
High School Senior