Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I practiced for my SAT, I studied every night one hour each on two SAT prep books. I would try to make studying a habit, making sure no matter how late it is at night, I must gather some energy and study for this important test. As I highlight key parts of the book, I took mental notes on the rules of proper grammar and what formulas and equations I should use in certain math problems. As I took the book, I also used Khanacademy to take practice tests, to see where I am improving or getting worse in. After seeing my results I then try to reevaluate that particular section on the book, if I finished all the questions in the book yet I still need help on the subject I will use Khanacademy again to ensure I understand the subject better. Most importantly, I tried to studying feel like a game to me, such as trying to get 100% on my test I would give myself some kind of 'prize' such as I could eat some candy. Doing this would reconfigure my habits into liking studying, which then makes me want to do them and try to get better at it. For studying for two months straight using this strategy my scores had jumped up by 170 points, from 1030 to 1200, with a 650 in reading and a 550 in math.

Sylus from Florida
High School Senior
Miami Carol City High school