Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

when its comes down to test preparations , I love to really prepare myself for anything that might possibly come up. one strategy that is always important to remember / do is always have confidence in yourself! having confidence in myself when doing test preparations has always been a key factor for me. the reason for this is because when I tell myself I can study , and I can pass this exam/ give it my all it. here are a few methods I use when taking a test or doing test preparations...
Analyze – usually use this strategy for word problems/ essays
– Comment – provide your explanation of the relevance of the statement that has been made.
– Compare – Simply explain the similarities and differences between two items.
– Contrast – Explain the differences only between two items.
– Define – This is usually a short essay or definition of a particular item( I use this when im about to write either an essay / prompt)
– Demonstrate – This requires proof so you need to provide an example to answer the question.
– Diagram – Drawing a picture or chart to answer the question( I like to do this whenever Im stuck between 2 different answers)
– Discuss – Frame the answer like a conversation providing pros and cons of the two issues.
– Examine – This is your opinion on a particular subject which requires your reasoning as to why you reached your opinion.
– Explain – needs your overview of an issue and your reasoning for your conclusion.
– Illustrate – an example.
– Interpret – This requires your reasoning for your conclusion.
– Justify – This also requires your reasoning and examples to support your conclusion.( I would use this when doing an essay )
– List – a series of answers of a particular subject.
– Outline – an explanation that usually has headings and subheadings.
– Prove – This requires your reasoning for your solution.
when doing all of these I have come across me really practicing my brain to think and work around any difficult problem I may come across.

hailee from California
High School Senior
west valley highschool