Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I was never really a great test taker. Its something I struggled with my whole life. It got to the point where I became hopeless and didn't think ill ever find a method that works for me. However, I was very wrong. After having people tell me different types of studying techniques I took the ones they taught me and mashed them up into my own spin. Ever since finding that technique, I improved dramatically on tests. I hope to find more ways to develop it further so I can master every test that comes my way.
The great test preparation that I found worked for me is the following writing out all my tests coming up. As they approach I start studying for them one to two weeks in advance. I would do a fifty-minute study session and then a ten-minute break. I then repeat this two to three times or until I feel like I can't study anymore. I think the pattern of studying then taking a break makes my brain believe that if I study then I will be rewarded for studying and it made studying more enjoyable rather than it feeling like it was just a task. It's a practice that I wish i knew long ago because it's been so beneficial to me, but I'm happy I learned it now because it has helped me tremendously for my math and science courses.

Kayla from New York
College Freshman
University of Connecticut