Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I use the Metacognition: The Key to Acing Courses by Saundra Mcguire. Metacognition is the ability to think about your own thinking. Be consciously aware of yourself as a problem solver. To monitor, plan, and control your mental processing. (Am I understanding this material or just memorizing it?) To accurately judge your level of learning.
Homework Strategy:
-Studying information before looking at the problems/questions
-Don't skip examples in the book.
-Work example problems (without looking at the solutions)
-learn from mistakes
Reading Strategy
-survey (look at the words)
question (devise questions surgery that you think the will answer)
-read (one paragraph at a time)
-recite (summarize in your own words)
-record (annotate in margins)
-review (summarize the information in your words)
-reflect(other views, remaining questions)
-preview (skim the chapter
-study (repetition is the key. Ask questions such as why how and what if)
-review( as soon after classes, review notes, and fill in the gaps)
-Intense study session: 3-5 short study session per day
This method works well for me because within the short session you constantly review the material in shorter breaks then trying to study it for hours. After a time frame, your brain shuts off, and your not interested in the material anymore. You may be reading the textbook but you do not actually understand what it means. This way you are actually more entice to actually learn and have a consent motivation of looking at the material and familiar yourself with it.

Debbie from Utah
College Sophomore
Utah Valley University