Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests look different to everyone for some they may be a walk in the park for others not so much. For me the best way to prepare for a test is through providing a brief guideline for myself. Hence the word "brief" because if you set yourself in a gridlock of what to look over you may end up missing some of the most vital information. Constructing the brief guideline can start as soon as you start learning a new chapter or unit, when taking notes make sure to revise them and set apart a different list of what was more repeated throughout the lesson or more important. Soon enough when the unit is done you will have already prepped yourself with a good overview of what you learned. Depending on this solely is not a good idea however it is much better if you skim through your notes again and even look at your quiz grades if applicable. Skimming through these will give you a better idea and vision of what the test will consist of. Add whatever you may have missed onto your overview. This method has helped and saved my life in a lot of my tests in highschool especially my world history class.

Estefani from Georgia
High School Senior
Osborne Highschool