Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation varies based on subject for me. For a language course, I often use flashcards to study vocabulary terms and conjugations. I also like to read excerpts in the language that I am studying out loud to practice both reading comprehension and speaking skills. These practices work for me because of the repetition involved, which I find to be extremely helpful in learning.
For a mathematics class, I find the best form of studying to be sitting down to complete extra problems from a worksheet or textbook. This helps me to familiarize myself with the different ways that a certain type of problem can be presented and set up. Once again, this works so well because of the repetition. I also like to make connections between concepts, since doing so helps bring about a deeper understanding of the subject material.
History courses are similar to language courses, for me. I also use flashcards to study vocabulary and important terms and figures for history. Another habit that I have with history classes is rewriting my notes once or twice to commit the information to memory. This follows the trend of repetition.
The previous were all different studying methods, but it is also important to to simply take care of oneself. I try to get a full eight hours of sleep in the nights leading up to a test, especially the night before. This and other healthy choices, such as eating healthy, help me to focus beforehand and enter a testing room feeling ready.

Kylie from Maine
High School Senior
Foxcroft Academy