Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best way for preparing for a test is not cramming yourself studying the night before thinking you'll remember everything the next morning, it takes time and small techniques that you must contribute to do constantly to obtain muscle memory. For example, flash cards have been the best thing for me because on the blank side is the main objective you want to learn and on the lines is the definition that you yourself breakdown the original into simple but exact meaning. Not only by creating and reading these simple cards, but actually making these cards yourself , you are learning. Many people don't know this ,but when you are writing something down you're repeating it to yourself and taking it in. That's another technique that was helpful to me I wrote down what I needed to learn repeatedly until the next time I wrote it I was able to say and write it without hesitation. Another main help is testing yourself with another person. Communicating with someone else actually helps you remember because when you try to figure out what you were learning you can refer back to the experience with someone else for example, "Oh yeah , I remember that George Washington was the first president of the united states because my friend Ashley showed me her dollar bill with his face on it to remember." Lastly , another main concept I do may not be as popular but very beneficial, is to create my own quiz. I don't mean making questions on everything you studied, just the categories of a subject you can seem to learn. After I self challenged my self, I simply go back to my other two methods till I have successfully succeeded the criteria.

kathia from Texas
High School Senior
donna north high school