Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The most effective way to study is to review what you do not know. Now, this may seem obvious, but most of the time I find myself conducting inefficient study sessions by reviewing both the things that I know with the things that I do not know. The time you take to study before a test is essential to achieving the grade that you want, and that time needs to be used wisely. When you review things you know, you are wasting your time because what will boost your grade is obtaining information from what confuses you. To help me efficiently use my time, I need to establish what topics in a subject that I struggle with and focus my attention on those key facts. Usually, this involves finding a vocab word or topic and writing down all the information that I know about it. Then I can look into my notes, find if what I remember is accurate, and decided if I need to study the topic more.

This way of studying also means I have some flexibility with what I am reviewing. If a teacher has already stated that a specific topic may not be included on a test, I can make a mental note and only go over the basics of that subject. With this method, I make sure I can study effectively based on the class requirements.

When I study using this method, I also find that I do not “burn out” as much at the end of the study sessions. Sometimes, when reviewing all the notes I have taken, I find that I rush through the last topics to get done on time. This causes me to misremember facts that may be essential for a particular class. By chopping the course up and studying hard on the major topics that I miss, I tend to study less while obtaining more information that will potentially boost my grade.

Kaitlyn from Florida
College Junior
Lake-Sumter State College