Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I can remember when I was in the fourth grade and my teacher noticed I was having a few issues with the material we were learning in class. What didn't help was my parents screaming the material at me as if that would make me understand it. I can truly say I understand why foreign people get frustrated at us Americans. Speaking louder English in no way makes it more comprehensible. But on a more serious note, I can admit I was struggling. My mom tried all she could but didn't understand what else to do. So after finally speaking with my teacher, they decided to bring something new to the table, flashcards.
I don't know where she had learned this method of learning, but it was working. On a subject such as history where we had to remember the names of people and what they did, she would write the name of the person on the blank side, and on the lined side of the card, write a brief overview of what we had to know. After spending extra time studying with her, using this new study technique, she noticed the tremendous amount of improvement I had been making. My scores were getting better and it was all thanks to this new way of learning.
Now as a senior, those old habits still haven't changed. Although my skills have gotten better over time, there are still moments when I feel lost or stuck. Technology has improved since my elementary days, so Quizlet has become my new best friend. Quizlet is an online version of using flashcards, but that isn't the only cool feature. Quizlet also has a learning section where it will give you a study guide to teach you, a testing section where it will take all the material you put in and organize it in such a way that it looks almost exactly how a teacher would give a test, and much more. Since Quizlet has been created, I've seen an even better improvement in my scores in school and others as well. What I hope is that with the continuation of advanced technology more learning platforms such as Quizlet can be introduced for all.

Marcella from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
John W Hallahan All Girls High School