Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I love eating food. Most of the time, I could be seen eating some kind of food. This is part of why I use scents to recall information. I use food, specifically fruits, because they are usually easy to bring to school. However, sometimes if we are learning something in class, I may use a scent that is in the air at the moment and associate it with things I learned. Using scents started when I was a kid. Our family uses a lot of onions when cooking and whenever I used to play video games, someone was cooking. I would correlate the scent of onions cooking with playing video games. This led me to use scents to help me remember things academically.
It’s easy for me to remember scents, such as oranges, onions and apples. I would think of oranges when taking tests on the book Tangerine. I would use the scent of apples and ate one before a test to remember something like Winston's growth in the book 1984 as I had eaten it while reading at home. Non-food scents would also help me to recall information. In high school, there is always that one kid in the class that soaks themself in body spray. I’m not fond of the scent, but it’s helped me retain information. Scents have helped me to remember things all my life whether it's an English concept or a memory. Using scents to study for tests show how it’s important to do what works for me.
Some people may be strictly linguistic or spatial learners that utilize normalized methods like drawing, reading, or creating acronyms. Others may be interpersonal learners who thrive through social interactions while studying. Using my olfactory system to help with the recollection of information is what works best for me because I have used scents to remember things for all of my life. Scents help me to remember many things from the fleeting memorable moments of my life to the small details of information I encounter. The method may not work for everyone, but it’s truly the best method for me.

Jaren from Hawaii
High School Senior
Kapolei High School