Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many great ways to prepare for an upcoming test, from starting early on, to a last minute cram session.
For me personally, I prepare a different way. I like to write everything down. It helps me to learn what is being talked about and process better what I am reading. The moment I write it down, I learn it and the majority of the time, I do not have to go back and reread the notes. I can remember it.
This method I also use when trying to remember appointments and errands. First, read over class papers from the teacher and highlight important topics and major objectives. Then, write them down in your notes.
You can also do this if there are no study guides. When you are listening to the teacher, write down while he or she is teaching important details and major notes. Later at home, you can read and study the information that you wrote down.
This method of preparing for a test has helped me and may also help someone else.

Christina from Mississippi
College Freshman
Ittawamba Community College