Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever I have a test, I usually do one of two of my test preparation practices: create a Quizlet or study my class notes on important terms, events, and/or people related to the test subject. Quizlet is a really helpful tool because I'm able to create a study set to put my notes and things that I need to know in and study for them in a orderly fashion. If it's a vocabulary word, I can put the vocabulary word in the "term" part of the Quizlet and put the definition of the word in the "definition" part. If I want to put a question in the Quizlet that may be helpful, I can use the "term" and "definition" part to put my questions and answers. Quizlet makes the studying process less boring and interactive which helps me remember the information. Then, my second and common choice of test preparation is just studying my notes. I do this when I'm running low on time to prepare for the test or I'm unable to access Quizlet at the time. It can be kind of a mess with this method due to the amount of times I have to flip between papers to read and study the information. But, it still has its usefulness as I can have it everywhere I go to study without any type of restriction(except for being in another teacher's class because they want me focus on their work) and look back to if I don't remember/understand something important. These two methods have greatly benefited me during my time in school giving me those beautiful A's and B's I like to see on my report card.

Corey from Arkansas
High School Senior
Little Rock Central High School