Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Who truly likes to take tests? Truth is no one but as a member of society you will always find yourself taking a test somewhere somehow, whether it be a Pre- Calculus exam, the driver's license exam, or a test to find your purpose in life. Test are meant to test your knowledge and well you perform under pressure. In order to succeed and pass a test, you have to prepare because taking a test "blind" will do you no justice. Certain people have certain ways of preparing. I am one person that studies different ways because different times call for different measures. One good way to prepare would be to know what you are getting yourself into. For a knowledge based test, studying the material over and over will help you prep for the test. This is one thing I find myself doing at least a week before any test I take. Knowing the material gives me a sense of confidence in knowing that I am well prepared to get this over with. Also, if you are able to explain or recite something to someone clearly without any helps shows that you know what it is and keep it clear. I often use my family as a tool to help me recite information and study. Study groups is a great helps to sharpen your study skills, fill in any gaps of material, and help you learn faster for test. Personally, I like study sessions because it gives me all the knowledge I can possibly get by contributing with others opinions and perspectives. You can get well rounded insight from your friends/ classmates.

Jaslyn from Texas
High School Senior
HIghtower High School