Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

We are all different and prepare differently for our exams. As I prepare to take exams , it's a unique and efficient technique that helps me a lot. I like to be very organized with my classes so I have an agenda and I write down the days that I have an exam and hen I know that I need to study more for an exam, I write them in red ink which draws my attention and helps me to be alert that I have to prepare for an exam that I need to study more. I like to be preparing days before my exam so I need to be in my own space with relaxed music. This helps my mind to focus on what I am going to do. The first thing I do, is I rewrite my notes, this helps me remember what I learned in that class, and when I finished writing my notes, I studied them for 30 minutes, then I take a 10-minute break in which I go for a walk or use my phone like a little distraction after the 10 minutes are over. I began to study for another 30 minutes. I repeated this for about 5 hours depending on what class it is. Music, rewriting my notes, and studying for 30 minutes helps me a lot to prepare for my exams because when I'm in class I start to think about the songs I was listening to and that helps me remember what I've studied it's like it takes me back to the moment where I was studying my notes. Another way I prepare for my exams is to name objects in class that could be on the exam and this helps me to find the answers in class. I make connections to what I am learning with objects in class. I think these two strategies work for me because I make connections with the things around me that help me remember and prepare for exams.

Kenia M from California
High School Senior
Mendota High School