Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

"You guys need to study. I just finished grading your tests and the people who I thought were going to do well excelled, and the people who usually do bad, failed! I don't know what to do anymore. I even told you guys the short answer question!". He takes a pause, then continues, "anyway, the molecular makeup of a protein begins with..."
As my AP Chemistry teacher went on about 'sig figs', I stared down at my 67%, wondering how anyone could possibly get higher than a 75% on one of his tests. Enough was enough. I had to figure out a way to improve my grades before the worst happened; my mom finding out I was failing. After school that day, I went online to look for study tips that other people used in hopes of finding one that was best for me. Yeah, that was almost believable. I was going to do that, but I got distracted when I was having fun with my friends. Fast-forward about two weeks when I realized I had another test the next day. The pit I felt when I got my 67% came back, so immediately I took out my notes. Looking at the first page of my note-packet, I felt like my well-organized closet exploded, leaving a mess on the floor and in my mind. But, it was like I received a surge of motivation: I instinctively took out some loose-leaf and began writing every single fact that I didn't know. At the end, my hand was cramped and I had five pages, front and back, filled with my incoherent scribbles. By then it was 10:00, so I knocked out on my bed. The next day, I frantically read over the five pages throughout the day until it was time. Surprisingly, I felt oddly calm during the fast-paced 45 minute exam. I even finished early! About three days later, my teacher had graded the exams, and I couldn't feel more anxious. He began handing out the exams, and when he got to me, he handed my test face down, making me feel nervous excitement. My eyes went wide when I flipped the packet over and saw 96%. Proud of myself, I realized I learn best when I write everything down.

Advika from New York
High School Senior
Pine Bush Senior High School