Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation for me begins in class. Paying close attention and asking questions related to unfamiliar topics is the first step to obtaining a deeper understanding. If I have a question, this is the best place to ask it. Next, out of class preparation begins. If there is a textbook to work with, I begin with that. I go to the topics I need to study and break the topic down, paragraph by paragraph and page by page. Starting with the first paragraph, I take what is most important in that paragraph and break it down into a sentence. After repeating this process for all the paragraphs in a specific section, I am left with a broad summary. From this summary, I identify the important vocabulary words I do not know. I write down their exact definition from the textbook then rewrite it in my own words to best understand its meaning. After this, I write down everything I remember from the section from memory, including the important vocabulary words. If I succeed in writing a new summary that contains all of the necessary information, I move on to the next. If not, I repeat study from the first summary and vocabulary terms. Last, I end with reviewing homework assignments, as these often share similarities with the test. I have found that making flashcards of these assignments is extremely helpful, especially if I did poorly on the assignment in the first place. Flashcards of questions I previously missed allow me to catch up on lost information. With all of the study complete, I make sure to get a full nights rest before testing and eat well the next morning. Healthier bodies make for healthier minds.

Jace from Indiana
High School Senior
Centerville Abington Senior High School