Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a former art history student, the best test preparation techniques that have worked me all through out college were creating flashcards for artworks and important terms. Since I had to memorize titles of paintings, works by artists, and important themes and terms for art movements, the flashcard method allowed me to paste images and these terms which helped me memorize the material and it actually proved to be a fun way of studying. If you want to be green, you can use an online alternative to flashcards such as Quizlet, but overall I enjoyed flipping through the cards and it was an interactive form of studying. This technique also prepared me for slide identifications during my art history exam because I studied the artworks intensively with the flashcards. I would create these flashcards at least two weeks before a major exam. In preparation for tests, I would space out my studying over the course of two weeks and would plan and prepare study materials. Before exams I would first review the study guide, create the flashcards, and make short synopsis's of each of the chapters that will be covered on the test. These synopses would consist of short bullet points that are rememberable and capsulate the material. The flashcards also let me study allowed me to easily take quick study breaks. I especially used flash cards during my breaks in between classes and during my commutes. Studying with friends also helped me retain information. If I could explain the material in a concise and understandable way then I understood the material.

Noelle from New Jersey
College Junior
New York University