Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for a big test can seem scary and time consuming. I have developed test preparation practices that have managed to cut down the time I study and allow for better comprehension during an exam. This is a three step process. First, go through the notes and materials provided to you for the subject you have the test in. Pick out the most important information and copy the notes by hand. While doing this, make sure you organize the material in a fashion that either tells a story or goes from large ideas to small ideas. Organization of the notes during this step is vital. Next, read through the notes that you copied and start to understand the information in large sections or big ideas. This will help with comprehension of a large idea that can then be used to understand smaller questions asked about the topic on an exam. Once you believe that you have the notes that you copied memorized into big ideas, you can begin the last step. The third and final step is the most important and can vary for different types of classes. The main idea of step three is application. In order to identify that you have conceptually understood the material and can apply this information, begin to test the material. For a religion course, this could be asking yourself to tell the story of a certain individual and the impact they had on society. For an anatomy class, this could be using practice diagrams and labeling the information you learned as it would travel through the body. For a physics exam, this could be practice problems that apply the material to different scenarios. This step will ensure the information you have learned for the exam, you also have the ability to apply to any question. This is important because application is a skill that is tested more than memorization. This method of test preparation allows for great success in an exam and also for the future. Application will allow information to be remembered longer than cramming and memorization. Good luck !

Erika from New York
College Junior
Mercyhurst University